New Year’s resolutions for a healthy and balanced life

New Year’s resolutions for a healthy and balanced life

“New Year, new life”. How many times have we repeated it? For most of us New Year’s Day marks a new beginning, made of new habits and resolutions that are not always easy to keep.

That’s why we want to share with you a list of good intentions that will make your life easier without overturning it.

Let’s face it: not so many people can keep their New Year’s resolutions, because they often bet on too many different things that turn out to be difficult. But if we focus on a maximum of five resolutions we’ll be able to put them into practice.

In short, 5 small innovations that will accompany you throughout the year giving you balance and new healthy habits. Let’s see what these 2024 resolutions are.

Follow a well-balanced diet

A diet is always a must among our good intentions, but it is also a sore point for many people. When we hear the word “diet” we immediately think about tiny food portions and tasteless meals. Nothing more wrong! A healthy diet means balance: there are no waivers, just a diversified and well-organized eating program.

You should make a list of your favorite meals that you don’t want to give up and learn how to cook them in a healthier way. It will also be an occasion to try new recipes. Besides, treat yourself to a glass of wine or a dessert once in a while and don’t waive things that make you feel well. Without exaggerating, of course!

This way you’ll manage to follow a regular diet, without excessive sacrifices.

Take 8.000 steps everyday

In addition to a healthy diet, fitness is also an important element for a balanced life. If you are addicted to workout it will be easy to follow the gym schedule. But if sports aren't your thing, look for something that better fits your interests: there are so many activities you can choose to stay in shape.

Moreover, you can bet on the easiest activity ever: walking. Set a goal of 8.000 steps everyday and track them with a step counter app you can easily download on your smartphone. Walk as much as possible: don’t take the car for short distances, do not take the elevator (if possible) and relax with strolls in the open air. This new habit will also be an occasion to enjoy quality time by yourself and to “pause” your brain.

Choose comfy and ethical clothes

It may seem a paradox, but what we wear can influence our mood. A comfortable outfit will give us more self-confidence, while if we don’t feel at ease our state of mind will also suffer.

Always prefer comfy and breathable clothes, made of certified materials. Choose the right size and do not make a big deal of the size chart. Lastly, a little extra hint is to bet on seamless items.

This type of manufacture was originally used to produce legwear and underwear, but it later became a must for sportswear and loungewear. That’s because the seamless technique has a positive impact on the production chain (with a cost reduction) and on the final consumer. The item will be lightweight, more functional and more appealing.

Therefore, it is important to choose clothes that reflect our style, but it is even more important to pick items made of resistant and long-lasting materials. This is what Slow Fashion is about: it is a movement (in contraposition to Fast Fashion) that promotes a more sustainable production and consumption system.

Sometimes the concept of “ethical” or “sustainable” fashion seems hard to understand and to put into practice. The truth is that approaching fashion in a more sustainable way is easier than expected: you just have to rethink some of your habits.

First of all, choose items that come from a tracked and certified supply chain (Made in Italy is always a certainty, for example): this way you will be sure that your clothes were made in full respect of people and environment. Moreover, buy clothes you will wear multiple times. One of the biggest issues of the fashion system is the waste of materials and products that are thrown away even if in good condition. Instead of buying without a logic and accumulating clothes you will never wear, ask yourself “how many times will I wear it?”, “what can I match it with?” and “do I really need it?”. It will be a useful way to reduce the waste, make room in your wardrobe and save.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Stop collecting useless things: in 2024 you need to prioritize what really makes you happy. And this applies to objects, people and situations. But first things first…

In 2011 the Japanese writer Marie Kondo published a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” and started the so-called KonMari method. The word decluttering actually does not apply only to physical spaces but it is also a life philosophy, a method to organize our minds.

The first step is to get rid of all those clothes you haven’t been wearing for a long time, you have forgotten or that do not express you anymore. Throw off the superfluous things and give them a new life by donating or recycling them. There are so many initiatives that will help you recycle clothes, so you will get rid of what you don’t need anymore and will also start a virtuous circle of reuse and recycling, which are fundamental for the fashion sector.

Start from your wardrobe and then go on with other objects that you keep even if you do not use them anymore. Your house will thank you! Decluttering will be good for your body and soul: it will help you to rationalize spaces, save money and pick your clothes (and objects) with more attention. Moreover, it will make you feel lightweight and it will give you the right input to start over and focus on important things.

Focus on a new project

Change can be scary sometimes, but it can also turn into something marvelous. With the beginning of the new year it is normal to crave for something new and to look for a turning point. In order to make a new project take off you must be committed and never be discouraged.

Whether it is a new study plan, a new language to learn or a new place to visit, organize your ideas and get ready to start off:

  • Choose something you’ve never done before and that will enrich you;
  • Dedicate at least one hour a day to the realization of your project;
  • Talk about it with your friends and include them in, in order to have someone to rely on;
  • Do not forget to have fun!

Well, there is no shortage of ideas and we know for sure that with the right energy you’ll finalize all your New Year’s resolutions. Out with the old, in with the new! Are you ready to say CIAO to 2024?

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