Places to work out outside the gym

5 Places to work out outside the gym

When it comes to working out, the first place you think about is (of course!) the gym. It is the most common location for any kind of exercise, whether it is a light, moderate or heavy one. 

However, if you limit yourself to gym-based training, you are missing out on a world of enjoyable places to exercise! Gyms can be loud, crowded, and force you to work out in a very specific, or even regimented way. In contrast, non-gym workouts mean you don’t have to wait in line to use exercise machines and you have a greater freedom of choice.

Even though the gym is an excellent destination for sport and fitness activities, it is not the only place to go for exercise. In fact, there are many alternative places where you can work out. Actually the location you choose to exercise can improve your results and even make work out sessions funnier and more pleasant. Changing your environment, and customizing your activities to the location of your training keeps things interesting and it can even train your body in ways that common gym equipment won’t. Last but not least, if you schedule an outdoor workout session, you’ll also be able to enjoy the lungs full of clean, fresh air.

Experts are more and more convinced that outdoor training can impact our health in many different positive ways. 

Here are some top benefits of open air exercising:

  • It’s a natural antidepressant;

  • It challenges your body;

  • It provides mental relief;

  • You can turn it into an occasion to socialize (if you want to);

  • It’s free.

Moreover, if your gym set is comfortable and trendy, it would be a shame not to show it around! So, why not try some new alternative places to exercise and have fun in an unconventional way? You only need a few supplies, such as sun protection (sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses), water and very supportive running shoes.

And if you are looking for inspiration, here are a few unconventional places to exercise outside of the gym you may want to try.

Exercise at home

Home fitness has been in our lives for many years, but since the Covid-19 pandemic closed gyms it has become a widespread habit. Of course, gyms provide dedicated space, but home workouts offer more flexibility.

Home exercise can provide many benefits that will improve our physical and mental health. First of all, you can organize your space as you prefer and schedule your exercises based on your personal preferences and needs. If you work from home, you can easily use your lunch break for a quick fitness session; moreover you may schedule your workout right after you turn your laptop off, without worrying about traffic.

With just a TV, tablet or phone, and an internet connection, you can stream countless classes and workouts online. Grab a yoga mat or a towel and hit some yoga poses. Another funnier option is video games such as Wii Fit and Just Dance. As you can see there’s plenty of choices and you can easily schedule a fitness session in your living room.

Hit the beach

Let’s talk about another option that will conquer all those who live by the sea. If you are tired of gyms and indoor exercises, try to go out and reach your favorite beach.

Working out outside has plenty of proven mood-boosting benefits. Scientists found those who work out in natural environments enjoy increased feelings of revitalization, more energy and more positivity. Plus they are less likely to deal with tension, confusion and anger. In fact, sunshine naturally increases serotonin(a hormone that affects your mood), so it's not surprising that outdoor exercises can help fend off depression and anxiety.

You just have to pick your favorite activity: a relaxing yoga session at sunrise, a round of beach volleyball, paddle tennis, surfing, running, walking or a swim. With fun activities to follow the beach is the option for all those seeking a more intense but still relaxing workout.

Workout at the park

Parks are really great spots for workout! Of course, it depends on the weather and the time, but you can easily schedule a good fitness session in the park of your city. From walking or jogging to pilates and cardio sessions, there’s a choice fitted to all likings. Many parks also offer spaces specifically dedicated to exercises, with several pieces of fitness equipment. Perhaps not everyone knows that park fitness equipment is eco-friendly: it requires no electricity, is low maintenance, and uses very little human resources. A majority of the materials used in the construction, including aluminum, steel, and sustainable plastics, are recyclable. So you may mix a positive environmental contribution with greater enjoyment of exercise. Moreover, combining outdoor exercise, natural light and sensory stimulation has an immediate positive effect on our bodies, reducing stress and encouraging healthy behaviors. The location will uplift any mood and also give you a break from the grind of routine.

Enjoy the view from a rooftop

If you want to enjoy an outdoor workout and also a good view of your city, go find an empty rooftop for your fitness session! Choosing a rooftop will keep you away from the city noise and chaos, giving you more space for all your activities and the ideal relaxing environment that many other locations cannot provide. The rooftop workouts are more than just a pretty picture. Indeed, switching up your workout locations can have a practical edge: since working out is for both the mind and body, being in a beautiful setting is conducive to a more pleasant experience.

If you have no clue of what rooftops are available (and safe), take a look at the many sky-high fitness lessons that are popping out lately. You can join a group and have fun with other people: the workouts are unique, Instagram-friendly and, most importantly, a fun summer alternative to sweaty gym classes.

Enjoy beauty and relax inside an Art Gallery

We have finally reached the last and most unusual location for a non-gym workout session. Since the environment will impact your exercises, it might be a good idea to be surrounded by art and beauty. Having a light or medium intensity workout in an Art Gallery is the ultimate way to find the perfect balance between physical and mental health. Of course, this is not an activity you can practice on your own: you must join a scheduled workout lesson and, most importantly, respect the rules of the Gallery or Museum. 

Recently, museums have offered innovative takes on exercise classes that occur among their installations. One of these is The Museum Workout at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a collaboration between MetLiveArts, Monica Bill Barnes & Company, and artist/illustrator Maira Kalman that takes visitors on a dynamic early-morning voyage through the museum’s collection. A completely reimagined museum tour, creating a physical way for audiences to relate to the finest art in the world. Participants join the company in the early morning, before public hours, traveling through the museum, performing choreographed exercises in the galleries.

USC Fisher Museum of Art also hosted a very particular workout class: with artwork that spans from the 16th century to the present, students can stretch their muscles and calm their minds surrounded by the museum’s collection. According to Brigid Harmon, the museum’s communications and marketing coordinator, the event wanted to incentivize students to not only practice yoga but also appreciate the intriguing artwork, in order to find the balance between their academics, job applications, work, sleep, exercise and social events.

FitArt by CiaoGym: a workout lesson at The Wall Art Gallery in Miami

CiaoGym couldn't miss the opportunity to "get noticed" with an exclusive event. On April 20th we were in Miami, at The Wall Art Gallery, for a special workout lesson among artworks. It was the perfect way to combine wellness, beauty and fun, with a pinch of Italian style of course!

All the attendants wore CiaoGym Lilac Seamless set and they were asked to match it with their favorite accessories and outerwear, to create a unique outfit that could work both for the gym session and for the following Italian aperitivo. The entire event was about finding the right balance between comfort and glamour, wellness and fun. CiaoGym also organized a special contest for the best Seamless outfit, voted by our followers on Instagram.

FitArt Event began with the "Booty Like An Apple" workout lesson by Nati Botero. This is one of the most popular training programs in Miami: a functional training methodology that mixes ballet, pilates and yoga movements, along with therapeutic exercises to work your mind, body and spirit. After the lesson, we had some fun with a typical Italian aperitivo: the best Italian food and bubbles accompanied by Italian music, played by Frank Lima and Dj William Sandoval. Among the notes of Volare, we had a taste of the Italian lifestyle, surrounded by many artworks.

Would you like to know more about CiaoGym events? And are you curious to know who the contest winner is? Follow us on Instagram!

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