Conscious purchases: why choose top quality and eco-friendly activewear

Conscious purchases: why choose top quality and eco-friendly activewear

Fitness apparel has truly entered our closet. Sportswear can be worn anywhere, not just at the gym. A new vision that leads to a new concept and way to enjoy activewear. This is CiaoGym.

CiaoGym, where fashion meets sport

CiaoGym is based on the assumption that it is important to feel beautiful and fashionable, anywhere!

Rule number one? To get noticed!

CiaoGym offers activewear, with a sporty and chic touch. A world where performance, glamor and high quality are the stars.

Finally, sportswear made of high-end fabrics that embraces the ideals of high fashion, and will make your workouts much more comfortable.

Keeping an eye on the environment

High quality also means respect for the environment. CiaoGym is fully committed to protecting the environment.  In a world that is increasingly attentive to the environment, being able to offer eco-friendly and cruelty-free garments is one of our top priorities.

We carefully select our suppliers and partners, to create high-performance and sustainable products.

With this in mind, CiaoGym respects the most important sustainable standards, paying attention to any details that can contribute to reducing the company's environmental impact. PE-LD packaging is made following the Recycle, Replace and Reuse principle, in addition, all the materials used are certified by the Oeko-Tex STANDARD.  

CiaoGym is passion, attention to detail and plenty of style! A new, more conscious, activewear concept.

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