Seamless Clothing: a new way of manufacturing that will improve your style

Seamless Clothing: a new way of manufacturing that will improve your style

When it comes to sporty outfits, manufacturing processes are fundamental to guarantee comfort and top performances. That’s why seamless clothes have become a must have for so many gym lovers!

What does seamless mean?

When referring to garments, the term “seamless” indicates all those clothes that do not have stitches. This is an innovative way of manufacturing garments and has a large number of benefits, since clothes end up being:

  • Lightweight;
  • More durable;
  • Non-chafing;
  • Extremely flexible;
  • Breathable and sweat-proof.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that seamless leggings and tops have become a must! But let’s see more closely how all these properties will improve your outfit and performances. First of all, the absence of seams will make seamless clothes more comfortable and lightweight: they fit perfectly around the body in a very flattering way, following the body shape and without squeezing or leaving marks. In fact, the fabric is usually made of high-elastic fibers that make it soft and flexible. This second-skin feel also allows fluid body movements and provides exceptional comfort during any kind of workout session.

Another important feature of seamless garments is the fitting. In fact, with this particular technology, clothes adapt to and emphasize different body shapes: they are comfortable and supportive, but they never leave marks on the skin.

The greater durability is also related to the innovative techniques: there are no panels sewn with each other by non-elastic textiles that rip when they’re extended and also drawn away from one another. That’s why seamless is strongly recommended for workout sessions.

A bit of history:

This type of manufacture was originally used to produce legwear and underwear, but it later became a must for sportswear, swimwear and even loungewear.

Just consider that in 1998 a seamless garment contributed 2% of global underwear garment production, within 3-years it rose to 9% also in 2003 it was an 18% improvement, in 2007 it was 35%. Even if earlier seamless garment manufacturing was restricted to underwear, today lots of style wear are being developed with this innovation and, with the capability to produce nearly any seamless shape, the innovation has prospective in a variety of markets. Seamless clothes are, indeed, the ideal choice for many different activities: from workout to relax, for a night out and for a busy day. They are the perfect mix of performance, comfort and style.

The seamless technique has also a positive impact on the production chain (with a cost and processing time reduction) and on the final consumer. The item will be lightweight, more functional and more appealing.

In short, garments have less impact on the supply chain but their performances are higher. In fact, in recent years, many companies all over the world have developed new and innovative technologies, in order to create performing and comfortable clothes without sacrificing the “fashion” side of the production.

Seamless clothes can be fashionable too

If you think seamless items are too plain and boring, we assure you that you’ll change your mind. The seamless technology also improves clothes aesthetically: there are no stitches and garments do not squeeze the body, ensuring a flattering effect on any body type. Besides, these clothes can be easily customized by adding logos and writes all over the surface: they will be unique without getting too heavy (since there are no seams!).

Let’s make a practical example… A set of seamless leggings can be woven already with its own patterns, complete with perforated areas, and mesh-like areas. This is due to the fact that seamless garment knitting machines enable different knits to be put together side by side.

How to choose seamless clothing?

Now that we have largely spoken about the advantages of seamless garments, there are a few things you should consider before buying them.

  • Choose the right size: seamless clothes have an almost perfect fitting and they adapt to different body types. But this does not mean you can pick any size. Always choose the one you feel comfortable in and that is more appealing to you.
  • Take a look at the water absorption: if you workout, you sweat. That’s for sure! So you need to choose a garment that is breathable and sweat-proof.
  • Select your favorite compression level: seamless is always very supportive, but it can have a low-medium and a medium-high level of compression. It depends on the knitting process, of course. This means that, depending on your body type and your habits, you’ll choose the fit you feel more comfortable with.
  • Colors and pattern: sporty clothes are also used for leisure time and to go out. So, be sure to get noticed even in your seamless outfit! Choose a color that will enhance your natural tones and (most importantly) that will make you feel at ease, take a look at the different patterns and create your unique style.

How to style seamless clothes?

The best part of these particular types of garments is that they can be easily mixed and matched, not only with other fitness clothes, but also with non-sporty items.

If you have a basic seamless top, you can style it with a pair of joggers and a zipped sweater. It is the perfect choice for a morning walk with your friends. Moreover, a seamless body can be used as “underwear”: pair it with your favorite jeans and add a cropped sweater or a soft cardigan. No-sew leggings can be worn at the gym or in your leisure time: they are so soft and comfortable that they will become your BFF! Wear a paired bra or an oversize T-Shirt for a sporty outfit, or choose a more casual top and a leather jacket if you are looking for an Athleisure look.

And now, as always, it is your turn to get noticed! After learning more about seamless technology and how it will improve your workout, pick the items you like the most and create your own personal outfit. But do not forget to wear seamless clothes also outside the gym for a super comfy and fashionable look, all day long. Are you ready? Say CIAO to innovation and performance!

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