Sporty-Chic Outfit: think out of the... gym!

Sporty-Chic Outfit: think out of the... gym!

It’s no secret that Activewear is one of the major trends all over the world. It’s been a few years since even the most famous and elegant fashion brands introduced sneakers and sporty items in their collections. And now leggings, sport bras, joggers and sweaters are part of their permanent collections. But the truth is these garments are not designed to work out but to go out! Athleisure style and sporty-chic outfits are, in fact, the real must-have of the moment.

So, we can firmly say that Activewear is no longer reserved for the gym and even the most sporty clothes are now worn in more casual or even formal occasions. As we said earlier, some years ago fashion-addicts began wearing sneakers at the office or for their nights out. But now this is a huge trend and almost everyone wears workout clothes outside the gym.

But why is this a trend? Let’s analyze it more closely…

First of all, gym clothes are comfortable: they allow almost every type of movement, they wrap around the body without squeezing it and they are suitable for many different body types. Besides, technical fabrics happen to be more resistant (to sweat, pilling and abrasion) and breathable. Lastly, they are versatile and can be matched with different clothes in order to create various sporty-chic outfits.

But let’g go in order… Let’s see what Athleisure is and what rules you must follow in order to create the perfect sporty-chic outfit!

What is Athleisure?

The word athleisure comes from the combination of athletic and leisure. It refers to a hybrid style of athletic clothing worn as everyday wear, so outside the workout or fitness environment.

Athleisure often includes leggings, joggers, sport bras, tank tops, sweaters and sneakers. These garments are worn to go out and they are usually mixed with more casual or even elegant clothing.

This trend was strongly influenced not only by Fashion and cultural changes, but also by the introduction of innovative fabrics in the Fashion industry, such as Spandex (also known as Lycra or elastane). This allowed fashion and sportswear brands to create more appealing items, intended to be worn also in leisure time and to go out.

In the 2020s Athleisure developed even more, becoming a style accepted in many different environments, and even in the workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to an increase in the popularity of athleisure wear: many people were quarantined at home and were looking for comfortable clothing that would still look stylish for virtual meetings. Some fashion brands, even those who had previously focused on streetwear or suits, began to produce more comfy items, like hoodies and jogging trousers. Collabs between High Fashion and sportswear brands also increased a lot: this way High Fashion brands got closer to a new and younger target market, while sportswear brands upgraded and became more appealing.

Athleisure slowly showed up in most Fashion brands’ collections and in our wardrobes, giving us new ideas for upgrading our style and feeling more comfortable. Let’s see now how Athleisure works and how to create an iconic Athleisure look.

How to create the perfect sporty-chic outfit

Of course, there are some rules to wear activewear outside the gym. It is now perfectly acceptable to wear Activewear while hanging out with friends or even at the office, but there is a so-called ‘code’ to wearing activewear outside of the gym.

    • Choose neutral colors: athleisure is all about minimalism and comfort, so picking neutral tones and black will assure you a timeless look that will work for many different occasions. 
    • Elevate your gym outfit: gym clothes are like a blank canvas, and all you have to do is “dress up” the outfit to match the occasion. Play with accessories (sunglasses, shoes, jewelry and bags) and have fun creating a unique and trendy sporty-chic outfit.
    • Bet on layers: instead of a basic outfit, opt for layering pieces to add more dimension to your look. Wear a jacket or try a sweater around your waist: aside from accessories, this is another secret to leveling up your sporty outfits.
    • Choose clean and quality pieces: wearing gym clothes when hanging out doesn’t mean you can go to a brunch right after a sweaty work-out session. Take your time to refresh yourself and, most importantly, always pick clothes made of breathable and quick-drying fabrics. This technology whisks away sweat and reduces odor to keep you smelling fresh.

Where to wear Activewear, other than the gym

Now that we have seen what Athleisure is and what are the rules to create the perfect sporty-chic outfit for men and women, let’s talk about where you can wear activewear, other than the gym. It depends, of course, on your personal style and fashion taste. Always remember that following the trends is ok, but you always have to feel at your ease. 

In general, we can say that Athleisure is completely acceptable for a walk around the city, a brunch with your friends or an informal family lunch. These are situations where a sporty outfit is the right choice to feel comfortable and stylish. If you are outdoors, bet on layers! You can choose a hoodie or a denim jacket, or even a blazer to add an elegant touch to your look. Pick a pair of sneakers that are trendy and comfy, and match them with a belt bag or a shopper. You can also wear a cap or a bucket hat, but if you stay inside (a house, a restaurant…) you should take it off. 

Let’s see now what are the occasions where Athleisure is considered borderline, but still accepted. If you go out for an aperitivo or a dinner, put on some more fancy accessories: for example, you can wear leggings and top with an elegant jacket or a cardigan. Moreover, match joggers and T-shirts with a suit jacket. You can still wear sneakers, or even choose a pair of more elegant shoes: ballerinas, high heels (for her) and loafers (for him and for her). 

Always keep in mind where you are and whom you are with: of course, you want to get noticed and have a unique style, but you also have to follow the rules. 

Mix and match: here are some style tips

In order to have a flawless Athleisure look, there are some style tips that can help you create your sporty chic outfit. Take a look at our suggestions and find out which outfit is the right one for you.

    • Top with cargo pants: 2000s fashion style is one of the most loved and replicated styles ever! Low-rise pants are back in the spotlight, as well as tube tops and cargo pants. Cargo pants are the ideal choice for a sporty-chic outfit: you can style them with a technical top and complete the look with sneakers and a shoulder bag. If you want to add an extra touch, choose high heels instead of sneakers and glam it all up with jewels. 
    • T-Shirt with jeans: It’s a classic that works both for men and women. Choose your favorite sporty T-Shirt and style it with a pair of jeans. This is the perfect starting point to create a casual and timeless look: you can style it with a sweater or a jacket, sneakers or elegant shoes.
    • Bikers and bra with a blazer: this is a super fancy outfit that has taken hold in the last few years, and it is one of the most loved by fashionistas all over the world. Pick a gym set made of biker shorts and a top or a bra (you can choose neutral tones or even brighter colors) and add an oversized blazer. In this case, we suggest you to wear a pair of simple sneakers or loafers, and some accessories to glam it all up (sunglasses, jewels and a foulard).
    • Man Joggers with a suit jacket: there’s nothing more sporty than joggers, and for someone it is difficult to imagine this type of item in a non-sporty situation. But if you wear black or blue joggers with a plain T-Shirt and a suit jacket, you’ll have an iconic Athleisure outfit, ideal for a night out. You can wear sneakers or loafers, depending on the occasion.
    • Flared Women Joggers with a body: flared pants are a 2000s recollection we are totally in love with! There are many technical joggers with a flared design that are appropriate also for a more casual look. You can style them with a body, a T-Shirt or even a blouse in order to look more sexy, casual or sophisticated. Depending on the top you choose, add some accessories such as a shoulder bag or a purse, a pair of sunglasses or a headband, fancy sneakers or high heels. 
    • Leggings and top with a cardigan: when it comes to sporty sets, there’s nothing more comfortable and stylish than leggings and a top. A neutral-toned or bright-colored gym set is the ideal outfit for your workout sessions because it allows full body movements and does not squeeze, making you feel comfortable all day long. When out of the gym, just add a soft cardigan and a matched cap, and you are ready to go! Many suggest to wear a long cardigan, in order to cover the back. Besides, a knitted cardigan can appear more soft and enveloping, so that you’ll have a complete outfit by adding just one item.
    • Men Tank Top with jeans and pullover: let’s go back to the basis with denim! We have already said that jeans are a timeless classic that will allow you to create an iconic look in no time. You can choose baggy or straight jeans with a gym tank top and complete the outfit with a pullover: if it is open on the front you’ll be able to wear it in different ways, or you can also put it on your shoulders for a more classy final touch.
    • Gym set with oversize shirt: let’s get to the last and more casual style tip. Oversized items always give an idea of comfort and casualness, they envelope the body and fall soft. If you want to cover up the gym set but still want to remain casual, a oversize T-Shirt is right for you: style it with sneakers, a jacket and a shopper, and you are ready for a relaxing walk.

And now that we have examined all the possibilities to wear activewear outside the gym, which outfit will you choose? Always remember to pick cool and quality clothes that can be performative both for a workout and for leisure time. Don’t be afraid to dare, and if you have some doubts keep in mind that Athleisure is made not to break the rules, but to play with them! Mix our tips with your good taste and you’ll create amazing sporty-chic outfits! Are you ready to get noticed?

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