Spring Summer Must Have

Spring Summer Must Have for your sporty-chic outfit

When Spring calls, Fashion answers! New season means new outfits to show and new trends to follow. The trends we saw on last fall runway are finally here, so it’s time to get a start on your wardrobe for the warmer days ahead. Take a look at this Spring Summer must haves and trends and create iconic fashionable outfits.

First step: take a look at your closet

Even if the urge to buy new stuff is always around the corner, don’t get caught by the so-called “shopping fever” and avoid impulsive buy. We are sure that your wardrobe is already full of gorgeous and trendy clothes, so there’s no need to buy new items if you already have what you like (and need). 

Take a look at what you already have and try to split your clothes in three categories:

  1. KEEP: all the garments you like and that still suit you well. They will be a perfect starting point to create new outfits.
  2. REUSE: all the clothes you don’t like anymore or that are damaged. You can transform them into something new: jeans can easily become a bag, some fabrics can be reused to decorate other clothes… All you have to do is search on the Internet and find some new creative ideas.
  3. THROW AWAY: all the items that cannot be worn anymore or recycled. Take all of them to a pick-up-point (you can find them also in some clothes shops) and their fabrics will be processed and recycled.

This is the first step to get an idea of what you have and what you need. You may discover that the iconic items you saw in a magazine are already hidden in your closet!

Second Step: mix and match!

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere: magazines, social media, movies… Take those trends and make them yours! Think how you can mix your clothes together to recreate an outfit you saw and customize it according to your personal taste: try innovative and unprecedented combinations and have fun trying something new.

Third Step: go shopping! 

Now that you know what is actually in your wardrobe, you’ll be able to go shopping with more consciousness. By trying on your clothes you have figured out what you need to buy now. Think of what might match with the items you already have and take a quick look at your favorite brands’ websites or social media. 

Remember not to rush and to think about what you want to buy.

When going shopping there are some questions you can ask yourself that will be really helpful:

  • Do I really need it? This way you’ll eliminate all those clothes that are just “whim of the moment” and you’ll buy something you really want and need and that will be useful also in the future.
  • Will I wear it more than 30 times? The #30Wearsrule, coined by Livia Firth (founder of sustainability consultancy Eco-Age), is a benchmark to help you make savvier choices and give your clothes the lifespan they deserve.
  • Who made my clothes? This last question allows you to know the history behind your clothes: always choose garments made in compliance with laws and regulations. #WhoMadeMyClothes is a simple question that can be a powerful weapon in the fight against exploitation (says Fashion Revolution movement). Where were our clothes made? In which factories? How much were their workers paid, and how much is lining millionaire pockets as a result? Transparency is the only fashion trend that will never fade!

Spring Summer 2023 must haves:

Now that you have re-organized your wardrobe and bought some new clothes, it’s time to go out and get noticed! But what are today’s trends? What are the real Spring Summer 2023 musta haves? Let’s take a look.

  • Neon Colors: from make-up to clothes and accessories, neon colors are a real trend. Together with vibrant tones, Spring brings back colors like lime, acid green and orange. They are extremely bold and eye-catching, so be careful when styling them because mistakes are often around the corner: match them with neutral colors for a more balanced look. If you really like the mix ‘n match effect stick with maximum two pieces of neon clothing and combine them with neutral shades.
  • Blazers: from men’s wardrobe to women’s power dressing, blazers have become a must have for everyone. Declined in neutral tones, pastel colors and patterns, they can be fitted or oversize, cropped or longline, and they are suitable for many different occasions. For this warm season blazers are supersized, ideal to pair with jeans or elegant trousers, and to wear on tops or even sports bras. But if you are looking for a different kind of item, why not try a sleeveless blazer? It’s the ideal choice when the weather gets hotter and it will give you a unique look.
  • Baggy bottoms: gen Z has officially stated that skinny jeans are out of trend! Now it’s time for baggy pants. Many celebrities have been wearing cargo pants, wide-leg or baggy jeans for months, and all fashion brands are keeping up with this trend. The reason behind this change of direction, according to many, is that, over the last couple of years, we’ve all gravitated towards dressing for comfort. You can style baggy bottoms in many different ways, according to your personal style. Men, you can style baggy joggers or cargo pants with hoodies or tank tops and sneakers for a sporty look. But if you prefer a more casual look, just pick a T-Shirt, a shirt or even a blazer. Women's baggy pants are also extremely versatile: wear them with a bra or a crop top and a pair of sneakers, or try them with tailored blazers, sky-high stilettos, and your favorite It bag. Just a few changes to completely transform your outfit.
  • Flared Pants: let’s be honest, flared pants never completely disappeared, especially for the vintage lovers. But now they are back as one of the major Spring Summer 2023 women’s trends. Once again, versatility is the keyword: they can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for most occasions. One of the most flattering outfits is made of sports bra or crop top and oversized blazer. You can wear it for a party or a night out, and if you want to make it more casual, just replace the blazer with a shirt or a hoodie.
  • Transparency: see.through details are always in style, especially if you want a particular but not excessive element to enhance your outfit. This Spring, try jackets and blazers with transparent back or sleeves. You can also bet on see-through T-shirts and blouses, to match with sports bras. And if you are looking for a sporty outfit without sacrificing style, try a pair of leggings with tulle inserts: you’ll be super comfy and stylish.
  • Trench coat: this is another trend that we have already seen in the past years, but this year trench coats are back with a completely different look! The classical beige trench with paired belt is out: now it’s time for vibrant colors, patterns and unexpected details. You can style it with your favorite pieces and create many different looks: sporty, casual, elegant… you have plenty of choices! 


And now, let’s get ready and enjoy Spring vibes with the latest fashion trends. What are your favorite trends for this season?

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